High Heels – Not Just For Women

By | August 28, 2019

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High Heel Shoes. Source: (wikimedia.org)

Who came up with the idea of high heels – a shoe that medically is not even recommended for women to wear? High heel shoes can destroy the arches of the feet, cause sciatica and back pain, ingrown toenails, arthritis in the knees, and plantar fasciitis. Because of these possible health risks, if foot problems do develop, the first thing to give up is wearing those lovely fashionable high heel shoes that a woman loves to adorn herself with. But most women love to wear them nonetheless. Women will go to painful lengths to make themselves feel attractive. There is just something about high heels that make them feel more feminine and beautiful.  

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The-Vision-of-Saint-Eustace. Source: (ancient-origins.net)

But wait! In actuality, the high heel shoe was originally made for a man to wear. Persian warriors, around the ninth century, wore them while riding their horses to keep their feet from coming out of the stirrups as well as to keep them more stable as they stood up to shoot their arrows.