Heartwarming War Photos You've Probably Never Seen Before

WARS | September 15, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

When you think about war it’s usually not in a great context. There’s fighting, shooting, and all manner of horrific existential crises that occur, but for the men and women who are in the military not every day is a dour trip in heavy equipment and we’ve got the visual proof. Soldiers during war time love to cut loose so they can cut the tension of their day to day lives.

Whether they’re hanging out with the locals or getting in some quality alone time, these photos of service men and women during World Wars I, II, and Vietnam will show you another side of the conflicts. If you want to see soldiers hanging out with baby kangaroos, or what it was like to drink in a English nom shelter then boy do we have the photos for you! Get out your rations and check out these lovable pics. Enjoy!

A Soldier Comes Home From War, 1940s

Source: Pinterest

World War II was such a catastrophic, world upending event that husbands said goodbye to their wives without knowing whether or not they’d return. In spite of the fact that this was the second world war, this kind of battle had never been fought before. Soldiers were thrown across the world for years at time, unaware of whether or not they would ever make it home.

This photo only catches one a moment of glee that ripped through America as our boys returned home, giving families a second chance at life, and sending our country into one of the most prosperous times of the 20th century. 

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