Harvard Professor: 'We Are Turning Children Into People Who Act Robotically'

By Bo Beard | May 1, 2024

Deeper conversations

American psychologist, author, and Harvard University professor of education, Rebecca Rolland, 43, suggested what is happening to our children right in front of our eyes. 

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“We have superficial logistical conversations but spend little time in deeper conversations in which we fully listen,” she explained.

Rebecca Rolland

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Rebecca Rolland, a specialist in oral and written language at the neurology department of Boston Children's Hospital, has recently released a book titled "The Art of Talking with Children" (HarperOne, 2022). In this publication, she contends that by embracing everyday conversations and reducing time-wasting distractions—referred to as "time-stealers" in her work, such as excessive technology use—we can create valuable learning moments and nurture creativity. Additionally, these interactions will enhance the bonds we share with our children.