Hagerty: Democrats Blocked Bill to Stop Taxpayers from Flying Illegals into U.S.

By Daniel Walker | March 30, 2024

Over 320,000

Senator Bill Hagerty criticized Democrats for blocking a bill to stop taxpayer funds from flying undocumented immigrants into the U.S. 

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Fox News

He said over 320,000 were flown in under Biden in 2023 to 43 airports. 

Schumer avoided legislation

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Senator Bill Hagerty

“This occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning this weekend. Again, this was pushed back. Chuck Schumer maintained ball control as late as he possibly could, right up to the point that the government almost shut down,” Hagerty said, noting that Schumer avoided legislation that “would stop the use of taxpayer money to fly illegal aliens in here on charter planes from countries like Nicaragua [and] Haiti.”