Gut Wrenching Facts About The Most Evil Humans In History

By | March 6, 2017

Throughout the course of human history, the world has come to know some pretty evil people. The people on this list are the worst of the worst- they are and were absolutely rotten to the core. They are the worst murderers, serial killers, rapists, kidnappers, con artists, thieves and crime bosses that we've ever seen. Any way you look at it...these men and women are anything but groovy.

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Adolf Hitler

Possibly known as the most ruthless and authoritative leaders of all time, Hitler was the commander in chief of the Nazi Party or NSDAP. Under his rule Germany invaded Poland and initiated World War II. Hitler was also the primary figure of the Holocaust in which nearly 6 million Jews (men, women and children) from in and around Europe were killed.

Bonnie Parker 

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Born Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, Bonnie, as she later be known as was part of the famous duo; Bonnie and Clyde. The pair became famous for their string on criminalities throughout the early 1930s. Although legally married, Parker became smitten with Clyde when the pair met in January 1930.