Rare Vintage Photo Discoveries Reveal Our Enigmatic Past

CULTURE | September 5, 2023

President Ronald Reagan wearing a pair of sweatpants a la Fred Mertz aboard Air Force One in 1984.

Source: Pinterest

We get it … you want to be comfortable while traveling. Business pants can be binding so it is not uncommon for people to wear comfy sweatpants on planes. We just hope they don’t wear them was pulled up as Ronald Reagan wore his in this 1984 photo that was taken aboard Air Force One. Reagan, who was normally a pretty cool dude, has his sweats hiked up as far as Fred Mertz, the curmudgeonly neighbor on TV’s I Love Lucy. It wasn’t a good look for Fred Mertz and it certainly wasn’t a good look for the President of the United States. But, hey … as long as he’s comfortable.

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