'Gangster' Florida sheriff has politically incorrect demand for Democrats fleeing liberal cities

By Ian Banks | May 14, 2024

A strict approach

Recent news has highlighted Florida sheriffs for their firm stance in response to allegations against liberal cities for implementing policies perceived as favorable to criminals, such as abolishing cash bail and reducing incarceration. 

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The sheriff of Lee County is among those who have taken a strict approach in this regard. Sheriff Carmine Marceno, who hails from New York, is adopting a tough stance against criminals who believe they can "play" in his county. He has issued a warning that he will actively "hunt" and apprehend them. 

A firm stance

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The sheriff criticized liberal cities for attempting to avoid taking a firm stance against criminal behavior. "My message… is clear. If you think you can deal poison and commit crime, stay clear of Lee County and all the great state of Florida. We're ready, and we will absolutely find you, hunt you down, and charge you to force the extent of the law," he said in an interview with Fox News Digital.