From Devotees to Defectors: Celebrities and Their Scientology Journeys

By Sarah Norman | October 20, 2023

Danny Masterson

Discover the intriguing world of celebrities who have been associated with or embraced Scientology. Over the years, the Church of Scientology has attracted numerous well-known figures, thanks to "Project Celebrity" initiated by founder L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s. This program offered incentives to Scientologists who successfully recruited prominent Hollywood stars.

Moreover, the controversial religion operates exclusive Celebrity Centers, designed to accommodate individuals with influence and a shared vision for a brighter future. Join us as we delve into this captivating gallery and explore the connections between Scientology and renowned personalities. Keep reading to unveil the intriguing stories behind these celebrity affiliations.

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Danny Masterson, widely recognized for his role in the popular television series That '70s Show, has been connected to the Church of Scientology from a young age. Alongside his brother, actor Christopher Masterson, Danny was raised within the framework of the Scientology belief system. He's quoted as saying on the church's website:

Each service in Scientology is something I have added to my tool box of data for living.

In March 2017, three women came forward and accused Masterson of sexually assaulting them. These allegations led to an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Masterson, through his agent, denied the accusations. Shortly after, another woman also made similar rape claims. Then, in August 2019, four women filed a lawsuit against Masterson and the Church of Scientology. The lawsuit alleged stalking and harassment, which stemmed from their rape allegations. The plaintiffs claimed that the Church of Scientology launched aggressive campaigns against them after they left the church. On May 31, Masterson was convicted of two out of the three counts of forcible rape. The jury was unable to reach an unanimous decision on the third charge. Masterson has been remanded without bail until his sentencing.

Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise, one of the biggest box office draws of the modern era, has gained recognition not only for his incredible talent  but also for his deep devotion to the Church of Scientology. His affiliation with the controversial religious movement began during his first marriage to Mimi Rogers, who introduced him to its teachings and practices. Since then, Cruise has become one of Scientology's most prominent members, unafraid to express his unwavering support and beliefs.

Throughout his career, he has consistently credited Scientology for helping him overcome personal challenges and enhancing his life. Cruise's devotion to Scientology is evident in his public statements, as he openly advocates for its principles and actively promotes its programs and initiatives.