From Classics to Curiosities: Rediscovering the Quirkiest TV Shows of the 1970s

By Sarah Norman | March 12, 2024

Who's Watching the Kids?

Step into the time machine and journey back to the groovy world of 1970s television, where disco beats and bell-bottoms weren't the only highlights of the era. Beyond the iconic classics, the '70s also gave birth to a collection of head-scratching, and downright bizarre shows that left audiences simultaneously baffled and amused. Whether these television oddities are etched in your memory or are about to be discovered for the first time, brace yourself for a tour through television's eccentric and often forgotten realms.

Buckle up for a nostalgic ride through the worst TV shows of the 1970s, featuring infamous flops like BJ and the Bear, Supertrain, The Ropers, and Mrs. Columbo.

Let's plunge into the world of small-screen blunders, and who knows, perhaps we'll stumble upon some guilty pleasures along the way. Continue reading to explore the TV flops that even time couldn't erase from memory

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Gary Marshall, a renowned producer, aimed to create a compelling series with Who's Watching the Kids? in 1978, centered around the lives of two Vegas showgirls. Linda Goodfriend and Caren Kaye portrayed the protagonists, who shared a small apartment in Las Vegas while juggling their careers and family responsibilities. Comedy was brought into the mix by co-stars Jim Belushi and Scott Baio. Despite the promising elements, the show failed to resonate with viewers, as the storyline left them unimpressed.

NBC decided to pull the plug on Who's Watching the Kids? after just eleven episodes, marking it as a short-lived and ultimately unsuccessful venture in Gary Marshall's extensive career in television production.

The Super Friends

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Super Friends, the Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon that aired throughout the 1970s, holds a unique and enduring place in the hearts of fans in spite of the fact that it wasn't very good. While it may not have boasted the animation quality and intricate storytelling of modern superhero adaptations, it was the groundbreaking series that first brought the iconic heroes of the Justice League to the small screen.

With characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, Super Friends was a simplistic yet wholesome approach to storytelling, coupled with a commitment to promoting positive values and teamwork, made it a beloved part of many childhoods. This is a series to keep in your memory palace, just don't unlock that door.