From Classics to Cringe: 30 TV Shows That Have Aged Terribly

By Sophia Maddox | April 27, 2023


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While Scrubs garnered a dedicated fan base and a reputation for blending humor and drama, it's also been subject to criticism in recent years. As much as we love the zany antics of J.D., Turk, and the gang, some of the show's humor leans on stereotypes and jokes that haven't aged well in today's more socially aware climate. From the recurring gag of the "Todd" and his inappropriate, sexually forward behavior to some of the jokes about race and gender, certain elements of the show's comedy feel more than cringeworthy now. Additionally, when Scrubs was renewed for a ninth season, it underwent a significant transformation, with a new cast of characters and a shift in setting from Sacred Heart Hospital to a medical school. This change was not well-received, as many fans felt it was a departure from the show's original charm. The ninth season's lukewarm reception has left a bit of a stain on the show's overall legacy.


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We all know Baywatch - it made slow-motion running on the beach an art form. With its red swimsuits, tanned bodies, and those unmistakable opening credits, Baywatch was the epitome of sun-soaked escapism. But, like a sunburn that just won't fade, the show hasn't aged all too great. For example, it's hard to ignore the fact that the show's representation of lifeguards and beachgoers was far from diverse. From today's point of view, Baywatch's overwhelmingly white cast feels outdated and tone-deaf. Then, of course, there's what the show was famous for: scantily-clad, slow-motion beach runs. While there's nothing inherently wrong with showing off beautiful bodies, the show often veered into objectification territory, reducing its female characters to mere eye candy.