First UFO Sighting Ever Recorded: Kenneth Arnold's Life-Altering UFO Experience

CULTURE | September 12, 2023

Nine UFOs Sped By Arnold

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As more flashes came into view, Arnold soon dismissed a nearby Douglas DC-4 airliner as the source. What he claimed to see instead was a formation of nine gleaming objects, strung together in a five-mile-long echelon.

Each of these objects bore no resemblance to any known aircraft. They were circular, roughly 100 feet in diameter, with no discernible tail to be seen. Their movement was peculiar too, flipping, banking, and weaving side to side with an uncanny similarity to the tail of a Chinese kite. Little did Arnold know, this was no ordinary detour but a journey to a groundbreaking discovery that would forever change our understanding of the skies above.

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