Finland’s Unlikely Fascination With Heavy Metal

By | March 14, 2019

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Singer Alexi Laiho of the Finnish heavy metal band, Children of Bodom, performs during a concert at the Astra on March 27, 2017. Source: (Photo by Frank Hoensch/Redferns)

When you think of Finland, you probably think of a country full of some of the world’s happiest, most well-educated people living in a region with one of the best qualities of life. The Finnish people have a reputation for being honest and serious. Perhaps this is why it is so surprising that Finland is obsessed with heavy metal music. The majority of the country’s radio stations play a heavy metal genre. Heavy metal music is a mainstay at church services. Even traditional Christmas songs have been given a heavy metal makeover. Finland has the highest number of heavy metal musicians per capita than any other country, making Finland an unlikely mecca for metalheads. 

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Children of Bodom. Source: (

Children of Bodom Sparked the Finnish Heavy Metal Craze

When the rest of the world was first introduced to heavy metal music in the 1970s, Finland seemed disinterested. The few heavy metal musicians living in Finland at the time had to look outside their homeland for an audience. Even in the 1980s and 1990s, the country had yet to embrace the heavy metal culture. It took just one band to change all that. The band was Children of Bodom.