Federal Court Grants Texas Major Victory In Combatting Illegal Immigration

By Daniel Walker | March 18, 2024

Texas’ proactive stance

Texas recently won a legal battle to enforce a state law making it a crime to be in the country illegally. The border state has been at the forefront of efforts to address the complex and contentious issue of illegal immigration across its border with Mexico.

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The measures championed by Governor Greg Abbott have drawn both support and criticism, with implications that extend beyond the state’s borders. These efforts reflect Texas’ proactive stance in addressing immigration-related concerns, shaping the national discourse on border security and immigration policy.

Federal Appeals Court

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A federal appeals court allowed the law to take effect, permitting state authorities to arrest and jail illegal immigrants. From the enactment of laws making illegal border crossings a state crime to significant funding allocations for border barriers, the state’s approach has sparked intense debate and legal challenges.