Famous Outlaw Women of the Wild West

By | December 4, 2018

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Calamity Jane riding shotgun on stage

What comes to mind when you think about women of the Old West? Women following their husbands to find land or gold? They had to be tough, but not all women followed a man. There were those who broke the mold and made a name for themselves, although not always a good name! Below are a few of the more notorious women of pioneer times:

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Pearl Hart. Source: (facebook.com)

Pearl Hart was a notorious female outlaw in her time.

Pearl Heart came from Canada to live it up in the American West in the 1880s. Grabbing on to an outlaw named Joe Boot (not her husband) she went on a crime spree robbing stagecoaches, drinking, smoking cigarettes, and dabbling in drugs. When she was caught and put on trial she said, “I shall not consent to be tried under a law in which my sex had no voice in making.” Nevertheless, she was still tried and found guilty.