Extraordinary Historical Photos Tell Untold Stories

By Sarah Norman | October 30, 2023

After the celebration, 1934. Man in top hat and tails clinging to a lamp post in the early morning mist, London.

These photographs of pop culture and historic events of the past will give you a wave of nostalgia and a look into our history. Our present is built on a foundation of the past, therefore understanding what life was like a decade or a millennium ago is vital to learning what was considered important to people of the past. Knowing our past and how it has impacted our present provides us with a way to anticipate the future. 

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The November 29, 1934, marriage of Prince George, Duke of Kent, to Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, was cause for celebration among the citizens of England. This royal wedding was the first one to be broadcast live on the radio and people all across London gathered to listen to the momentous event. Perhaps the dapper gentleman in this photo joined in the celebration of the Prince and Princess’s wedding by enjoying a few pints at a local tavern before staggering home in the early morning mist. Good thing London has plenty of light post to help him stay upright until he reached his bed. 

First woman jury, Los Angeles circa 1911, LOC.

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The first all-female jury to hear a court case was in 1911, a full eight years before women were granted the right to vote. But this court case was unique. The defendant was a newspaper editor named A.A. King and he was being charged with obscenity because he printed an insulting quote from a city councilman in his newspaper, The Watts News. The councilman had apparently said some disparaging remarks to King in person, then King chose to print them. The judge decided that a jury of women would be particularly sensitive to the obscenities charges. It took only 20 minutes for the women to come back with a not guilty verdict.