Extraordinary Historical Photos Tell Untold Stories

CULTURE | September 13, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

These photographs of pop culture and historic events of the past will give you a wave of nostalgia and a look into our history. Our present is built on a foundation of the past, therefore understanding what life was like a decade or a millennium ago is vital to learning what was considered important to people of the past. Knowing our past and how it has impacted our present provides us with a way to anticipate the future. 

Try it before you buy it! Teens listening to singles at the record store, 1957.

Source: Reddit

Teenagers love their music! Long before Pandora and Spotify, teens had to purchase the music they wanted in the form of vinyl records. Mindful of the limited disposable income of the 1950s teenager, many record companies started to produce singles, small records with a popular hit song recorded on one side, the A side, and a lesser known song by the same artist on the B side. Most 1950s record stores offered an area of turntables to allow their customers to listen to a single before they purchased it. These teens are taking advantage of that service, with the help of the elderly record store clerk, shown on the left. 

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