Explosive Game Show Secrets That Will Forever Change the Way You Watch!

By Sarah Norman | October 12, 2023

All The Food In The 1990s Version OF Supermarket Sweep Was Legit, Except For The Meat And Cheese

Step right up and get ready to reminisce about the fun and flashy world of game shows! We've spun the wheel, surveyed the audience, and uncovered a treasure trove of fascinating facts from 2021 that will make you want to shout "Come On Down!" faster than you can say "No Whammies!" So grab your lucky charm, and get ready to be tickled by trivia as we unveil the curtain on these delightful, behind-the-scenes tidbits. It's time to let the games begin!

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The 1990's game show Supermarket Sweep challenged contestants to demonstrate their shopping savvy and knowledge of everyday products, as well as their speed and dexterity, as they raced through a fully-stocked supermarket set. As one would expect in a grocery store, nearly all the food on the set was the real deal, including the fresh produce and boxed items. However, there was one notable exception to the authenticity of the set's provisions: the meat and cheese. The reason why might surprise you, according to former Supermarket Sweep host, David Ruprecht:

All that was fake because [the contestants] get the meat juices on their sweaters, and that’s not telegenic, so they wanted to get rid of that.

Only 32 Teams In 120 Episodes Ever Won The Temple Run Round Of Legend Of The Hidden Temples 

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Legends of the Hidden Temple, which aired on Nickelodeon from 1993 to 1995, took contestants on a thrilling journey through a massive, Aztec-themed set. Teams of two competed in various physical and mental challenges, culminating in the climactic Temple Run. The Temple Run was a true test of speed, agility, and teamwork. Contestants had just three minutes to navigate the treacherous temple, filled with locked doors, hidden passages, and spooky "Temple Guards" who could capture them at any moment. It was notoriously difficult to complete. In fact, over the course of the show's 120 episodes, only 32 teams managed to retrieve the artifact and escape the temple in time, earning the coveted grand prize.