Exploring the Past: Vintage Images Reveal History's Dynamic Sides

By Sarah Norman | May 3, 2024

Did someone order a tongue sandwich? Mike Douglas, Gene Simmons and Cher in a publicity shot for 'The Mike Douglas Show' in 1979

The faces of the groovy era you will see in this collection of photographs are nostalgic, inspiring, and intriguing. Behind their very public lives were real people with lives that were filled with excitement, heartache, highs, and lows. As you scroll through these slides and learn about the actors, singers, models, and other celebrities of the 1950s. 1960s. 1970s, and beyond, you will appreciate the achievements and contributions they made to our pop culture. 

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Gene Simmons of the band Kiss was known for his freakishly long tongue, vomiting fake blood on stage, and adopting a demon-like persona when he was playing his bass guitar. In this pic, we see Simmons and Cher as guest stars on The Mike Douglas Show. Did you know that Simmons and Cher dated in the late 1970s and even lived together? During the time they were in a relationship, however, Simmons fell in love with singer Diana Ross, who he later lived with as well. These two weren’t the only girls in Simmons’ life. He has claimed to have slept with a many as 5,000 women in his lifetime. 

Stevie Nicks in 1977, photographed by Sam Emerson.

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In the late 1970s, Stevie Nicks often wore black outfits when she was performing. She said it was because black is slimming, and she felt better wearing that color. But a bunch of craze fans began accusing her of being a witch and dabbling in Satanism. Nicks tried to assure people that she was not a witch, but the accusations kept coming. These people were so threatening and intimidated that, out of fear, Nicks stopped wearing black on stage. But she later said she never felt pretty in the seafoam greens and peach outfits that she wore. Finally, in 1983, she went back to dressing the way she wanted to while performing and she learned to turn a blind eye to the rumors spread about her.