Exploring the Past: A Photographic Journey Through Time

By Sarah Norman | March 28, 2024

Remember When Lucy Went Out On A Ledge WIth the real Superman?

Do you remember when Superman saved the day on I Love Lucy? Did you know that Mary Tyler Moore was a dancing elf in commercials for Hotpoint appliances? Or that Brigitte Bardot was an aspiring ballerina before she started acting? How much do you know about the woman who was considered the British Marilyn Monroe? Do you remember when Shirley Eaton appeared on screen covered in gold paint? Join us as we revisit some of these groovy moments from the past, and see pictures of Julia Louis-Dreyfuss when she was young, and Melanie Griffith with a pet lion.

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In the episode, Lucy decides to throw a birthday party for Little Ricky, but her friend, Carolyn Appleby, is planning to throw a party for her son Stevie on the same day. Since Lucy is worried that no one will come to Little Ricky’s party, she tries to compete with Carolyn, who is planning an elaborate party. Ricky mentions that Superman is in town, so Lucy tries to get him to come. When Ricky fails to get Superman, Lucy dresses up as the superhero and finds herself in a pickle. Luckily, Superman does show up just in time to save the day. 

Grizzly Adams TV series starring Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams and co-star Denver Pyle as Mad Jack. 1977-78

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The television show was based on the 1974 film of the same name. That, in turn, was based on the life of James Adams, who in the 1850s, fled into the mountains after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. In the show, when Adams adopts an abandoned grizzly bear cub, he raises it to become an adult companion he calls Ben. In terms of human companions, he has an old trader named Mad Jack and a Native American named Nakoma. Grizzly Adams, with his uncanny link to the wilderness, has to watch for bounty hunters because there's a price on his head.