Everything We Know About Lemuria: The Other Lost Continent

CULTURE | September 6, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

Dive into the enthralling tapestry of history where myths intertwine with science, and legends breathe life into geological findings. Have you ever pondered about lost civilizations, sunken continents, or ancient tales that might bear a kernel of truth? Journey with us as we unravel the captivating enigma of Lemuria, a once-dismissed theory that has found startling resonance in modern-day discoveries. From the musings of 19th-century thinkers to the breakthroughs of 21st-century scientists, prepare to embark on an expedition across time and truth. Let's uncover the secrets lying deep beneath the waves and the pages of history. Welcome to the odyssey of Lemuria.

Lemuria's Scholarly Start


While tales of lost continents and civilizations have pervaded our collective imagination for ages, the theory of Lemuria found its scientific foothold in the writings of British zoologist, Philip Sclater. His 1864 paper, “The Mammals of Madagascar”, was less about mysterious civilizations and more a quest for answers. Faced with a perplexing puzzle: why were certain primate fossils exclusive to Madagascar and India and conspicuously absent in regions like Africa and the Middle East?

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