Epic Unearthed Historical Photos That Defy Belief

CULTURE | September 18, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

These photographs of pop culture and historic events of the past will give you a wave of nostalgia and a look into our history. Our present is built on a foundation of the past, therefore understanding what life was like a decade or a millennium ago is vital to learning what was considered important to people of the past. Knowing our past and how it has impacted our present provides us with a way to anticipate the future. 

The Addams Family, 1965.

Source: Pinterest

Did you know that the popular macabre sitcom of the mid-1960s, The Addams Family, originated as a cartoon in the “New Yorker”? Cartoonist Charles “Chas” Addams was known for his dark and twisted humor. In his cartoons, he created a series of off-beat and wacky characters that he referred to as the Addams Family. These characters, and the weird and spooky situations they encountered, were so well received among the “New Yorker” readers that he was asked to join forces with TV producer David Levy to develop the television series of the same name. Among the creepy characters on the show were Morticia and her husband, Gomez, their children, Wednesday and Pugsley, their butler, Lurch, along with Uncle Fester, Cousin Itt, and Thing. 

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