Donald Trump Is A 'Thug' Leading Republican 'Cult': Nancy Pelosi

By Ian Banks | May 11, 2024

Ethical direction

During a recent podcast episode titled "The Rest is Politics," former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi strongly criticized former President Donald Trump, labeling him as a "thug" and accusing him of transforming the Republican Party into a "cult."

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During a lengthy conversation with hosts Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell, Nancy Pelosi delved into the ethical direction of the GOP during Trump's tenure and analyzed the current political environment, touching on the impending electoral showdown between President Joe Biden and the ex-president.

Republican Party

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via Bloomberg Television

"It shouldn't be a call to a thug; this should be the Republican Party, not some personality cult centered around one man," according to Pelos, whoi made these remarks in the podcast episode that was broadcasted on May 6th.