DOJ launches sweeping antitrust lawsuit against Apple

By Daniel Walker | March 22, 2024

Apple faces antitrust lawsuit

The United States Justice Department is gearing up to file a significant lawsuit against Apple, alleging violations of antitrust laws, a move that comes after a protracted investigation into the tech giant's business practices.

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The lawsuit, anticipated to be announced by Attorney General Merrick Garland and other top DOJ officials, is set to address a range of concerns surrounding Apple's conduct in the technology and digital markets.

Impending legal action

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The impending legal action represents the culmination of an antitrust review initiated in 2019, targeting major technology companies, including Google, Meta, and Amazon. The DOJ's investigation into Apple has covered a wide array of areas, spanning from iMessage functionality and ad practices to the company's restrictions on cloud gaming apps and financial firms seeking to offer tap-to-pay services akin to Apple Pay.