Discovery of Brazil

By | November 22, 2019

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Discovery of Brazil. Source: (

Brazil is quite an interesting country with qualities that have benefited the world and its tourists.

A fleet of on its way to India landed in Porto Seguro in 1500, led by Pedro Alvares Cabral who discovered Brazil. Pedro Alvaes Cabral, born in Portugal, was the first European to reach Brazil. Pedro’s family served the crown of Portugal, and when Pedro finished his education in the royal court, he was made part of the king’s council. The king sent him on an expedition to accomplish three things: establish trading ports with India; spread Catholicism; and search for new land to claim for Portugal. Brazil is still today the largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world.  

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The first sugar plantations were started in 1530 in Bahia and Pernambuco; and, in 1549, the political center of Brazil was started in Salvador. The way Brazil got its name was from a popular tree there called brazilwood which produced a strong type of wood perfect for building ships and furniture.

In fear of Napoleon and his army, the royal family escaped to Brazil in 1807, where Rio de Janeiro became the capital of the Portuguese Empire. A National Library was built along with the first universities in Brazil. Pedro became the first emperor of Brazil with his son becoming the second.