'Death pool' discovered at the bottom of the sea that kills everything 'immediately'

By Mike Fishmore | May 8, 2024

Red Sea

Scientists have made a remarkable discovery in the deepest parts of the Red Sea that could provide insights into the beginnings of life itself.

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Researchers from the University of Miami reached the depths of the Red Sea, located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, where they encountered dense, salty lakes referred to as "death pools." These lakes earned their ominous name due to being one of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Ocean floor

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These unique pools, found on the ocean floor, are extremely salty (hypersaline) and completely devoid of oxygen. They are so hostile that any creature entering their saline waters is instantly incapacitated or perishes. Despite their harsh conditions, these pools are filled with thriving microorganisms. This phenomenon could provide valuable clues regarding the origins of life on Earth and the potential evolution of organisms on planets with abundant water resources.