Customers Condemn $21 Subway Sandwich Amid California Minimum Wage Hike

By Bo Beard | May 15, 2024


With over 200,000 fast food outlets spread across the United States, these establishments have long been popular due to their convenient, tasty, and budget-friendly offerings. However, a shift is occurring now.

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The prices of fast food items, including those at Subway, have seen a significant rise over the years. The implementation of the new minimum wage law in California has further escalated costs, leading many Americans to question the value of dining at these restaurants.


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To grasp the impact of the latest price changes at Subway, it's important to first understand the historical pricing of sandwiches at this renowned fast food chain. While prices may vary by location and state, back in the 1990s, most Subway sandwiches were typically priced between $2.49 and $3.99. By the late 2000s, these prices had surged to $6.99 or even $8.99.