Creepy Photos From The Dark Side Of History That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

CULTURE | May 23, 2023

A Doll With Two Faces, 1920


Transporting us back to the early 1920s, the Snoozie Smiles doll emerged as a curious and intriguing creation of its time. Featuring two faces on a single head, this unique doll captivated children and adults alike with its whimsical charm. However, when viewed through a modern lens, the Snoozie Smiles doll can evoke an eerie sensation. Its dual expressions, once seen as playful, now seem to reside in the uncanny valley. With one face radiating joy and the other expressing sadness, this doll serves as a fascinating reminder of how perceptions of what is endearing can evolve over time. The Snoozie Smiles doll remains a captivating artifact, inviting us to explore the intersection of nostalgia, creativity, and the ever-shifting boundaries of what we find unsettling.

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