Creepy Photos From The Dark Side Of History That Will Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

CULTURE | May 23, 2023

People With The Mummies Of Venzone, Italy, 1950s


The people of Venzone, Italy in the 1950s were a sight to behold. A picturesque village nestled in the foothills of the Alps, it was an idyllic time for its inhabitants who enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous life. But what made Venzone truly unique was that it was home to one of the world's most remarkable collections of mummies. These ancient remains had been preserved by the dry mountain air and were a source of fascination for locals and visitors alike. It was even said that Alfred Hitchcock used them as inspiration when he filmed his classic thriller "Psycho" in 1960. To this day, Venzone still cherishes these mysterious mummies, which remain a reminder of its rich history and culture.

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