Classic Meals From The '50s, '60s, And '70s NO ONE Talks About Today

By Sarah Norman | November 19, 2023

Hot Dog Crown Casserole

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Hot Dog Crown Casserole, a dish that gives new meaning to the phrase "food fit for a king," raises eyebrows and questions in equal measure. Originally dubbed the frankfurter crown casserole, this '60s creation features bacon, a can of Campbell's mushroom soup, sliced cooked potatoes, cooked cut green beans, and hot dogs—split and cut in half, for that regal touch. It's like they set out to craft a meal that would make a statement at the dinner table, and that statement seems to be, "I dare you to try and define what's happening here." Hot Dog Crown Casserole: where hot dogs and casserole collide in a majestic culinary spectacle that leaves you pondering the royal status of your dinner. Because why have a regular hot dog when you can have one with a crown?

Tomato Soup Cake

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Tomato Soup Cake, a culinary enigma straight from the swinging '60s, leaves you scratching your head and wondering, "Is this dessert or a tomato-themed conspiracy?" With ingredients like lard, butter, soda, flour, cinnamon, sugar, a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup, raisins, and a dash of ground cloves, it's like they threw everything but the kitchen sink into the mix. The result? A cake that seems to have taken a wrong turn at Tomato Junction. Tomato Soup Cake: a dessert that boldly challenged the very definition of "cake" while making us question the culinary choices of our not-so-distant past.