Chilling Historical Discoveries Captured More Than Expected

CULTURE | May 8, 2023

Written by Sophia Maddox

Look closer at these rare photos that show dark and mysterious revelations thought to be lost to history, they each show a piece of the past that was once believed to be buried. The photos and stories collected here will take everything you know about history and turn it upside down, changing much of what you thought you knew about the past.

Each picture that we've included here deserves a long look. Not only because they're truly spectacular shots, but they provide stories and insight that you won't find in history books... just keep in mind that not all of these stories are suitable for young eyes.

Proceed with caution... these must-see chilling historical photos may frighten and disturb. Each of them shows more than you expect, are you ready to have your world turned upside down?

A teenage Inuit girl walking into her family’s igloo, 1949 ❄️

source: instagram

The Inuit people have long called the chilly region of the American Northwest home. Long before they came into contact with westerners the Inuits lived as nomadic hunters, moving from place to place to place and setting up their ice homes wherever they could best find a place to hunt. Traveling by sleds and kayaks, they did as they pleased in order to better serve the land.

However, one year after this photo was taken almost everything about their lives changed. In 1950 the Soviet Union and Canada began butting heads over who owned the arctic home of the Inuits, an existential argument that ended with the Canadian government forcibly relocating many inuits to reservation-like communities and stripping them of their ability to hunt.

The young woman in this photograph had no idea of the calamity that was about to come down on her people. This was likely one of the last times she would be able to enter her home as a free Inuit woman.

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