Chilling Historical Discoveries Captured More Than Expected

CULTURE | August 22, 2023

This bronze sculpture designed by Rubin Eynon (inspired by the legend of King Arthur) stands stoically at Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall ๐Ÿ‘‘

source: instagram

Standing high above the Atlantic Ocean on the cliffs of Tintagel, this haunting, eight foot high bronze statue of King Arthur was constructed by Welsh artist Rubin Eynon.

Rather than focus on the legend of King Arthur, the statue is meant to evoke the feeling of royalty that runs through the area, one that many people in the English countryside feel has all but disappeared from the minds of the people who live there. Eynon explained:

There was a culture of feasting here, which suggests that the people who lived here were very powerful and had connections with the late Roman and Byzantine empire. I think itโ€™s appropriate to speak of kings.

This statue of a lonely king was such a massive undertaking for its creator that it took a helicopter to fly it to the top of the cliffs and carefully put it in its final resting place.

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