Bizarre Photos And Their Rarely Told Stories

CULTURE | September 5, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

Take a long look at these amazing, barely seen photos from the past… this is the only place that you’ll find snapshots that tell such rich stories.

These unseen photos show a layer of history that will astound you no matter what era you’re from. If you’re wondering what life was like during the Depression, or even the Edwardian era get ready to be amazed. We’ve collected shots of fads that have come and gone and come again, stars like you’ve never seen them before, and photos of life from more than a hundred years ago that will change your perceptions of the past.

'Batman' (Adam West) filming a road safety film for children in London, 1967. 

Source: Reddit

When Batman wasn’t busy saving Gotham City he was helping the children of Britain learn how to cross the street safely. In 1967 he traveled across the pond to help with a UK road safety PSA where he taught children to be wary of traffic when crossing the street. This isn’t the only time Batman has helped people learn a lesson through a public service announcement. One year earlier he asked American children to buy war bonds to help with the fight in Vietnam and a few years after that Batman starred in an ad stumping for equal pay in the workplace - although that didn’t feature Adam West under the cowl…

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