Behind The Making Of "Some Girls": When The Rolling Stones Embraced Controversy and Somehow Got Even More Famous

By Sarah Norman | November 1, 2023

True Controversy.

The Rolling Stones is a rock band that was formed in 1962 and has been active since 1964. The band consists of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood. They have released many albums and singles throughout their career but the most controversial album goes to be "Some Girls."

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The Rolling Stones' 1978 album Some Girls was largely inspired by the punk movement, and it wasn't well-received by many of the band's fans or critics at the time. But the record sold extremely well and has since become one of their most revered works.

They knew that to stay relevant, they had to do something different. They took inspiration from a burgeoning youth movement and made an album that was unlike anything else on the radio at the time. It paid off: "Some Girls" has since been hailed as one of the band's best albums.

Punk may have been dead by 1978, but The Rolling Stones weren't about to let that stop them–and in doing so, they created one of their most innovative and beloved albums.

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The Stones have always been known for their ability to reinvent themselves, and they did it again in the 1980s when they recorded Dirty Work.

This album was a departure from the band’s classic sound, but fans loved it anyway. The Rolling Stones still have a huge following today; some people even say that they are better than ever!

'Some Girls' is a strange album. It’s hard to pin down what the band was trying to do with it. But that’s precisely why it works so well. The album sounds like it was made by a bunch of guys who were bored and wanted to have some fun for once.