Australia – From Aboriginals To Crocodiles

By | July 10, 2019

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Aboriginal farmers - Franklinford 1858. Source: (

Australia is a unique country with some interesting details in its history. There is more to appreciate besides just that Australian accent and the crocodile movies that were made there.

Australia began with the Aboriginals who were the first settlers in Australia. There are still Aboriginals who live in the Outback today as well as other areas of Australia. Many different clans of Aboriginals make up the area with their own language and territory. The Aboriginals feel as if they are part of the land itself. Their “land” was invaded around the time of the late 18th century. Because they were so familiar with the land, they knew how to find water, how to get plants to grow, and how to hunt. Much like the Indians in America, their land was taken from them or destroyed. They have had to work as laborers for those who have taken over their land such as cattle ranches.  

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Digeridoo. Source: (

A very unique wind instrument was developed by the Aboriginals in Northern Australia about 1,500 years ago called a Digeridoo. This instrument is still in use by them today.