Amazing Mothers Throughout History

By | May 9, 2019

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Ann Reeves Jarvis (mother) and Anna Jarvis (daughter). Source: (

The inspiration for Mother’s Day came from Ann Reeves, from West Virginia, who not only cared for wounded soldiers during the Civil War but also helped to organize clubs that taught mothers how to take care of their children in order to prevent infant deaths. Her daughter, Anna Jarvis was so moved by her mother’s dedication that she wanted to see mothers everywhere recognized for the sacrifices they make. As a tribute to her mother’s death, she pushed for and became the founder of Mother’s Day.

Since then, Mother’s Day has become a day to celebrate mothers everywhere from every walk of life and remember mothers from different eras. Mothers throughout history have made their mark on future generations. And what would a loving mother do for her child? What lengths will they go to in order to protect them?

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A Mother’s Sacrifice. Source: (

There was one particular mother who was willing to give up her son in order to save him from certain death. An order was decreed throughout the land that all baby boys under the age of two were to be killed. This mother had hidden her son for three months and then put him in a basket made out of bulrushes and put the basket into the river. She told her daughter (his sister) to watch the basket to see what would happen to him. She knew if she had tried to keep him any longer, he would be killed. This, of course, was Moses who was found by Pharaoh’s daughter who took him in and raised him as her own.