63 Chilling Photos Of Abandoned Places

CULTURE | May 25, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

Get ready for some rotting, decaying, dilapidated structures that scream safety concerns. Yes, we have 63 photos of abandoned buildings from all over the world, that we are pretty darn sure are haunted. Let's dive into some ultra-creepy amusement parks that have been closed for decades and are now filled with the silent screams of kids that have long departed. Or the crumbling remnants of once glorious hotels that are now inhabited by rats and other types of vermin. We'll also journey to empty sports stadiums that have been left to rot; long after the last victory lap has been run. Also, see what's left of an Austrian nightclub after it was ravaged by a fire. Yes, basically, we have 63 locations that would make for a courageous urban explorer's dream. One thing that wont be abandoned is this photo gallery - because these images are fascinating. Onward! 

Six Flags Jazzland in New Orleans, Louisiana. The park was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina has been abandoned ever since. 

Source: Reddit

This photo looks like a scene out of the TV series, American Horror Story. This amusement park opened in 2000, and was originally known as Jazzland. It was located on a low-lying section of Eastern Orleans. Then Hurricane Katrina happened. The entire amusement park was flooded and left to rot beneath 4 to 7 feet of flood water for over a month. Repair costs were much too high so the park has been abandoned since August 2005. No amusement here; the park now consists of rusting structures, broken attractions, rotting asbestos, and a steady influx of dangerous wildlife. Needless to say, a day trip to this abandoned amusement park is a major health risk.

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