60 Rarely Seen Photos Depict The Most Inexplicable Human Acts In History

CULTURE | August 25, 2023

Georgia Tann got rich off of stealing children

source: reddit

Pianist, social worker, child abductor, Georgia Tann lead a life of unspeakable crimes that the south to the bone. While working as the Executive Secretary of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society Tann started a lucrative business where she secured expensive out of state adoptions and skimmed money from the thousands adoptions that she secured while shredding the evidence. You might be asking yourself, “where was she getting all these babies?” Initially she convinced poor families to give them up for adoption, which is already bad, but when she got greedy she started outright stealing children, placing in the TCHS where they were neglected before they were sold off to families who wanted a baby. It’s believed that Tann trafficked more than 5,000 children through 48 states, making around $1 million in the process. Unfortunately before charges could be pressed against her or the TCHS she passed away from uterine cancer. 

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