60 Rarely Seen Photos Depict The Most Inexplicable Human Acts In History

By Sarah Norman | September 19, 2023

Susan Smith pretended that someone drowned her children, but it was her all along

We like to think that the world is safe… that everything is going to be okay. Unfortunately there are people out there who commit the kind of vile acts that are horrific enough to make you completely lose faith in humanity.

From atrocities committed against an entire race of people to the crimes of a loan person acting on their darkest desires, the following stories and pictures that accompany them will chill you to the bone. If there’s a silver lining to be had in their hair raising stories it’s that most of the people involved in these despicable moments in history were caught and put to justice. Still, you’ll want to make sure you read these stories of the horrors that man can commit with the lights on.

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We always think that a mother will do anything to save her children, and while that might the case in most instances. On October 25, 1994, Susan Smith was distraught over her breakup with Tom Findlay, a married man she’d been dating while married to her husband David, after all of that fell apart she was so distraught that she strapped her two children into her car and drove to John D. Long Lake before letting the car ease down the ramp and into the water. She watched as her sleeping children plunged into the water and sank.

Smith claimed that a black man had stolen her car and kidnapped the children. Her friends and family rallied around her and David returned to her, but after nine days the authorities realized that something was wrong. After two polygraphs the authorities told Susan that they didn’t believe her and the truth of what happened fell out of her. She said that she wanted to kill herself and her children, but at the last minute she got out of the car and let her kids drown.

After going to trial the jury only took two-and-a-half hours to return a verdict of guilty of two counts of murder, but they spared her the death penalty and gave her 30 years to life. 

Sharon Tate poses for one of her final photos

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One of the most startling crimes of the 1960s revolved around the brutal slaying of a very pregnant Sharon Tate and her friends while they were staying at 10050 Cielo Drive, the former home of producer Terry Melcher. At the time Tate had no idea that Melcher accidentally made an enemy of the psychotic cult leader and wannabe singer-songwriter Charles Manson after denying him a recording contract. This photo is one of the last few taken of Tate before her death and it shows just how gorgeous and vulnerable she was. When Manson’s followers broke into the house of Cielo Drive and did away with the people staying there they not only snuffed out the young life of Tate, but her unborn child.