60 Rarely Seen Photos Depict The Most Inexplicable Human Acts In History

CULTURE | September 14, 2023

Joyce McKinney, happy to be arrested in the United States

source: wikipedia

One of the strangest crimes of the ‘70s was known as the “Manacled Mormon case,” it occurred in Ewell, Surrey on September 14, 1977 when Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming World, picked up Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson on the steps of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mckinney chloroformed the young man before chaining him to a bed in a cottage before sexually assaulting him. After McKinney was arrested on September 19, 1977, she skipped out on bail and hopped a plane for the states. When she landed back on US soil McKinney was arrested by the FBI. England didn’t carry out extradition proceedings against McKinney, and she served one year in prison in the US, and she remains a fugitive in the UK. 

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