60 Bizarre Photos And The Chilling Stories Behind Them

By Sophia Maddox | May 30, 2023

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Many photos of the past present everything prior to the modern era as stoic and well mannered. The photos collected here turn that concept on its head by showing some of the more candid moments from history that didn’t make it into the history books. Each new picture offers you the opportunity to see something real from the past rather than an oversaturated moment that’s been talked about ad nauseam.

This trip through the most intriguing moments in history will take you behind the scenes of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, one of JFK’s pre-presidency vacations, and you’ll even get to see how Kiss rocker Gene Simmons is around kids. Prepare for adventure behind the scenes of history.

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Even though Ethel and Jackie married into the Kennedys within a few years of one another they look like they could sisters. The two met on Saint Patrick’s Day 1953 at one of Ethel’s annual parties, and throughout their tenure as stateswomen Ethel filled in for Jackie any time that she wasn’t feeling up to hosting in the White House.

This photo, taken only a year after the dream wedding of JFK and Jackie, this look at one of America’s fairy tale families shows that they were just as quaint as any other family in the United States. However, there’s something about Jackie and John’s style that sets them apart, don’t you think?