55 Nostalgic Toys From Your Childhood That Are Worth A Fortune

ENTERTAINMENT | August 9, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

Some of your favorite toys from childhood are selling for astronomical prices online and in auctions...try not to gasp when you realize if you’d held onto them you’d be rich!

Do you remember your favorite toy? The one you couldn’t go a day without? Did you give it away when you were too old to play with it, or let it go for a few buck in a garage sale? Have you checked to see how much its selling for now?

The toys collected here, from Mego Dolls to vintage board games, are all huge parts of our nostalgic past...was letting them go a mistake? Click ahead and find out what toys were actually timeless treasures!  

This first edition Barbie has expensive taste, she sells for $30,000

source: pinterest

Barbies of the high queen of collectable dolls, after all they’ve been inspiring young girls for generations. As the decades have gone on Mattel has taken great strides to create dolls that mirror every kind of girl, and allowing them to feel represented among some of the most popular toys of all time. The Barbie that started it all in 1959 is one of the most sought after dolls in existence. With its golden hair, a black and white bathing suit and blue eyeshadow, it’s a monument mid-century beauty, and even though we don’t subscribe to what it’s selling anymore, it would still be cool to have one. If you think you have one of these, check for holes in the bottom of her feet, that’s how you know you’re holding a doll that could take in nearly $30,000 from the right bidder. 

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