55 Nostalgic Toys From Your Childhood That Are Worth A Fortune

By Sarah Norman | November 26, 2023

Game Boy variations can go for major bucks

Some of your favorite toys from childhood are selling for astronomical prices online and in auctions...try not to gasp when you realize if you’d held onto them you’d be rich!

Do you remember your favorite toy? The one you couldn’t go a day without? Did you give it away when you were too old to play with it, or let it go for a few buck in a garage sale? Have you checked to see how much its selling for now?

The toys collected here, from Mego Dolls to vintage board games, are all huge parts of our nostalgic past...was letting them go a mistake? Click ahead and find out what toys were actually timeless treasures! 

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Whether you were stuck in the way way back of your parent’s car on a road trip or just lying in bed while everyone else was asleep, the Game Boy was a constant companion and the easiest way to kill time while demolishing blocks in Tetris or fighting your shadow self in Link’s Awakening. As other systems came and went most people ditched their Game Boys for newer handheld devices, that may not have been such a hot idea. An original Game Boy in mint condition can sell for hundreds of dollars, and a Game Boy Light can go for thousands. 

Red Sea Crossing is a game that no one wanted but sells for ten grand

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Not every Atari cartridge is created equally, if you spent weekends crammed in front of your TV playing Pong or Spellbreaker then you know that. While some Atari games are only worth about 10 bucks in today’s market there’s at least one that’s been known to fetch upwards of five figures; a little known game called Red Sea Crossing. More than likely if your parents gave you this game you traded it off or sold it as fast as possible. Basically it was a video game advertised in Christian bookstores and magazines as a “Bible video game,” doesn’t that sound like a blast? In 2012 a copy of this game sold for $10,400. Think you have a copy of this? Time to start digging through your old cartridges.