50 Seriously Amazing And Weird Places You Never Knew Existed

WORLD HISTORY | September 7, 2023

Written by Sarah Norman

If the human imagination can dream it, architects and builders can construct it! From the humble to the extravagant, there is no limit to the uniqueness and creativity of buildings found around the world. In this collection of photographs, we explore some of the coolest, strangest, and most spectacular architecture in the world. 

The Mysterious Stonehenge as Seen in 1867

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Even in 1867, the strange stone monoliths on England’s Salisbury Plain, attracted visitors. Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument, consists of a ring of giant boulders standing about 13 feet high and weighing approximately 25 tons. Although researchers and archaeologists have learned much about Stonehenge since this photograph was taken, there are still more questions than answers. Why was the monument erected? How were the stones quarried and transported? How long did it take to built Stonehenge? 

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