39-year-old 'frugal' self-made millionaire: 5 things I refuse to spend money on

By Bo Beard | May 20, 2024

Wife and two children

In an opinion article for CNBC, Jonathan Sanchez explained how he became a self-made millionaire in his thirties. Sanchez has focused on generating passive income from real estate investments and personal finance ventures. 

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Sanchez says he's been able to curate a lifestyle that enables me to dedicate more moments to my wife and two children. The essence of Sanchez's success lies not only in generating passive income but also in the practice of frugality and prudent financial management. 

A frugal mindset

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By embracing a frugal mindset and safeguarding our savings, Sanchez has been able to achieve a balance that allows me to work less and savor precious moments with my family.