30 Untold Behind-the-Scenes Stories of 'The Brady Bunch'

By Sarah Norman | November 23, 2023

'The Brady Bunch' Wasn't Popular Until It Hit Syndication

Get ready to embark on a far-out journey filled with laughter, nostalgia, and a few surprises! These stories from behind the scenes of The Brady Bunch offer a sneak peek into the captivating world of America's favorite TV family. Discover untold tales, hidden moments, and cherished memories as we unveil the groovy secrets of this iconic show. So grab your bell-bottoms and put on your best polyester, because it's time to step behind the curtain and explore the colorful world of The Brady Bunch like never before!

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 When The Brady Bunch first graced our screens, it didn't exactly make waves. Initially airing from 1969 to 1974, it faced stiff competition from other popular shows of the era. Ratings were modest, and the series never cracked the top 30 during its five-season run. The Brady family's wholesome adventures and life lessons seemed to be overshadowed by the edgier programming of the time. However, when the show entered syndication in the mid-1970s, it found a new life and a whole new generation of fans. As reruns of The Brady Bunch began to air in the afternoons and early evenings, kids and families across the nation found themselves drawn to the endearing world of Mike, Carol, and their six children. The show's warm, light-hearted humor and timeless life lessons resonated with viewers in a way that it hadn't during its original run.

Writers Had To Incorporate Maureen McCormick's Nose Injury Into The Show

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"Oh, my nose!" Remember the episode, "The Subject of Noses"? Well, that episode was based around Maureen McCormick's - Marcia Brady's - real life nasal incident. In the episode, Marcia is all excited about a big date coming up, when the Brady boys accidentally knock her in the face with a football. Oof! In real life, the accident was a lot more harrowing. McCormick was in a car accident the week before shooting, and ended up with a broken shnozz. Luckily both Maureen and Marcia's noses ended up ok in the end!