30 Brutal Wars Movies That You Have To See

By Sarah Norman | October 16, 2023

Come and See

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Platoon is a gritty dance through the muck and madness of Vietnam. Oliver Stone is at the helm, orchestrating a symphony of chaos and camaraderie amidst the hellfire. This gruesome war film is a cocktail of youthful disillusionment, moral decay, and the sweet, seductive embrace of darkness. Charlie Sheen is in his element as the fresh meat, wide-eyed and eager, stumbling headfirst into a snake pit of conflicting ideologies and violence that'd make even the darkest horror films seem like child's play. 

Platoon is no Sunday picnic, it's a visceral plunge into the abyss of war's heart of darkness, a blood-soaked ballet that leaves you questioning the fragility of the human psyche.


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In The Thin Red Line Terrence Malick steers us through a haunting symphony of nature and nihilism, set against the backdrop of World War II's Pacific theater. This isn't your typical war movie. Malick's lens is a portal into the souls of these soldiers, their musings and fears woven into the very fabric of the jungle.

The narrative drifts like smoke. These soldiers, adrift in a sea of chaos, grapple with the futility of it all, while creating a meditation on the fragility of life, a kaleidoscope of introspection amidst the carnage.