60 Breathtaking Nature Photos

Uncategorized | March 10, 2019

Written by Jacob Shelton

Whether you like to brave the cold with photos of the Antarctic, hang ten with big waves that crash through the ocean, or get up close and personal with animals that would rather make a meal of you than get their belly rubbed, then we’ve got some pictures for you. The awe inspiring breadth of nature comes in many forms, and we’ve got ‘em all right here.

Along with these wild photos of undersea life and terrifying pictures of super storms we’ve got some facts to help you figure out just what’s going on in these photos. Remember to keep a camera on you the next time you go outside, you never know what you’re going to see. Now let’s rock! 

This Photo From 30 Years Ago Shows What A Woman Saw When She Stuck Her Camera Outside Her Tent And Took A Picture 

Source: Google

According to a Redditor, one night while their friend was camping 30 or so ago she heard strange noises outside her tent. Rather than poke her head outside and run the risk of a monster chomping into her head she stuck her camera outside the tent and snapped this photo. When she developed the picture she found about 20 furry friends all looking for a snack.

First of all, yikes. Secondly, yikes. Where was this woman staying that was so beset by raccoons? Obviously nature is full of surprises but there’s something about seeing this many raccoons in one place that’s just downright unsettling. 

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